Bristol??? (15 December 2007)

11:38 PM

An Europe trip which include Bristol? Normally it won't be the case. We had a task to accomplish. We were required to bring my mother-in-law together with her two 29 inch of luggages to my wife's brother in Bristol.

We started our journey from Uxbridge around 7am. Took Piccadilly line to Green Park and changed to Victoria Line to Victoria Underground. You will normally required to walk up/down staircase when inside metro station. It is a daunting task to bring 1 over 20kg of luggage and the other over 13kg of luggage. And I was the only man, who this was my responsibility. Luckily we did manage to meet some nice gentlemen to help us to bring the luggage up the staircase.

From the Victoria Underground, we need to walk for about 15 minutes to reach Victoria Coach Station. We took National Express to Bristol. You can buy the ticket earlier online. In fact if you are early enough, you might manage to get the ticket for 1 pound. We bought the ticket when it first started to sell, which is about one month ago.

The coach was comfortable. The drive was friendly and helpful. He even helped my wife to put the luggage in compartment under the bus.
To our surprise, there were quite a number of chinese inside the bus. The journey took about 2 and a half hour. I tried not to sleep to enjoy the scenery.

My wife brother was waiting for us when we arrived at Bristol coach station. Bristol was much colder than London and more windy. We walked from coach station to his house. This walk took about 30 minutes which all of us regretted as it turned out to be longer than we think and with the luggages.

My brother-in-law's house was a decent house. There is only one room, to be precise, one square area. Living room, master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are altogether. I guess when his wife is preparing food, he will able to wake up from his sleep if he smell it. Toilet is outside and shared with other houses.

Bristol is a nice place. We felt very comfortable here and safe. It is very organized. We do like it here.

After lunch, we have a short walk around Bristol. Well, due to we need to rush back to London later, it is to our disappointment that we cannot visit the famous suspension bridge.

But we do have a chance to visit some of the buildings of University of Bristol. Picture shown is the Department of Music. We did get to walk around Bristol.

We took the 5pm coach to leave for London. We reached London around 730pm.

16 Dec, our Europe will starts....... Rome

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