Christmas in London (25 December 2007)

12:45 AM

Christmas Day.. This is the first white Christmas we had. Although it was not snowing in London, didn't snow in Rome, Florence or Venice as we wished to, it was still the first time we spent Christmas in Western country.

After breakfast, we left for our London trip. London during winter was very gloomy and cold. It was drizzling that day.

Our first stop at Millennium Bridge. Millennium Bridge is one of the many bridges across Thames River. It is a pedestrian only steel suspension bridge.

On the southern end of bridge is Tate Modern, Globe Theatre. Northern end of the bridge is City of London School.

We walked from the southern end of the bridge to northen end of bridge towards St Paul's Catheral. From afar, we can see the St Paul's Catheral. St Paul's Catheral is one of the landmark in London. Its design was inspired by Rome's St Peter's Basilica. We felt like we are back to St Peter's Basilica.

We didn't stay long at St Paul's Catheral. We went back Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern and Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre is a theatre . It was an Elizabethan playhouse. The building was very unique, round in shape. Dark brown rooftop with clear white wall makes it stands out from the rest of the building. Inside of the building, most of the areas are not covered, except the stage and some seated area.

Tate Modern is national museum of international modern art. Tate Modern was previously Bankside Power Station. And the idea of converting power station to art museum was simply intriguing. Tate Modern, which stands about 99m tall, can be seen from the other side of the Thames river.

There are 5 levels of collection of modern arts.

We had a short walk along Thames river, before we were forced to leave London to go back to Uxbridge due to heavy rain.

My brother drove us back. Along the way, we managed to witness sunset in London.

It was 3:45pm.

The sky was changing colour as sunset approaching. The sky was red, clouds were dark blue. Slowly, the red sky become dimmer and dimmer. It was beautiful!!

We went home for our Christmas dinner. My sister-in-law prepared a sumptious Christmas dinner for us. I personally felt warm as that's the Christmas spirit about, gathering with family, chit chat over a warm, hearty and of course sumptious dinner. Each of us had a spring chicken with sauce, mash potato and carrot. We also had the Venice wine I bought and sparkling wine.

As a meat lover, it was delicious. The Venice wine or Bellini was very fruity and yet not too sweet.

We had a long and nice Christmas dinner to end our first white Christmas. We will be on a shopping trip tomorrow.

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