Bicester Village Shopping (26 December 2007)

10:50 PM

Boxing Day. There were minimal of metro service. So, my brother decided to fetch us to a shopping trip. It was to Harrod's, we were heading to Bicester Village.

Bicester Village is located near Oxford. It is really like a village, but it is not an ordinary village.

We were doing out outlet shopping. There are many branded outlets here, like Dior, Polo Raulph Lauren, Camper, Hugo Boss, etc.
There were post christmas sales. When we reached there about 1pm, we were heading into traffic jam. A lot of people have found out about this hidden gem. There were huge crowds in Bicester Village. The crowds were not limited to British, there were a lot of Chinese. I believe the recent boom in China has created a lot of chinese millionaires.
Bicester Village is not like normal shopping malls. The outlets are along the paveway, making the shopping relaxing and enjoyable. The outlets were well decorated with their own design to attract customers. Nevertheless, shopping in Bicester Village during Boxing Day was a good experience even if you just doing window shopping. During this post Christmas sales, price reduction was up to 70%. It was the only time that I witnessed those branded clothes were scattering around, some even fell on the floor. What a waste...
We had our dinner at a nearby pub. We had a few pints of nice Carling beer. In Singapore, we like to order water when we dine. At the pub, we had to request tap water... hmm.. doesn't sounds so nice.
That's our shopping trip to Bicester Village. Tomorrow, we will be leaving for Paris.

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