London Christmas Eve (24 December 2007)

11:47 PM

We flew for about 2 hours plus. During the flight, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Alps, which was amazing. The Alps were partially covered with ice.
You will be amazed with the scale and area covered by The Alps. It is beautiful from the bird eye view and I bet it will be even more beautiful if there is chance to visit it.

We landed at Gatwick Airport. We didn't manage to catch our lunch at the airport as the National Express is leaving to Victoria Station in 20 minutes time. We queued, bought ticket and rush out to wait for the bus. The ticket was about 6.6 pounds per person. I must say, it was a bit confusing on which bus to take and where to wait for the bus.
The bus journey took us about another 1 hour plus. By the time we reached Victoria rail station, it was around 2:30pm London time. From 7:00am we left Venice hotel till we reached London Victoria station, total traveling time was 7 hours (London is GMT, while Venice is GMT+1).
We were starving!!!

We had our lunch in Victoria rail station, in one of the Chinese fast food. We were tired of western food. :)

The Underground was a bit crowded as everyone was rushing home for Christmas dinner. The station were noisy as there were announcement of no service on Christmas and Boxing day. During that day, Victoria Line train was not stopping at Victoria station. We were forced to take Circle Line to go Baker Street and changed to Metropolitan Line to Uxbridge.

We were back to London and we will be in London for the next two days.

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