Ciao Venice (24 December 2007)

11:20 PM

Christmas Eve was our last day in Venice and in Italy. Venice was very relaxing and mesmerizing. We didn't visit much of the historical sights in Venice. But the canals in Venice and travel by foot or boat only did give us a different experience.

Do be more careful with the restaurant you chose after listening to many stories.

We slept well, we were given a normal double room for second night. We left hotel early at 7am, to catch a plane in Marco Polo Airport. Luckily we still managed to pack the nice crispy croissants for our breakfast. We took EasyJet to fly back to London. Our flight was 10:25am. We planned to make our way back to London as most shops, restaurants, places of attractions are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and things will get to be more expensive during Christmas.
We also bought Bellini from the Marco Polo Airport. It is a Venice wine.

Venice is one of place I won't forget. It isn't very big (excluding those islands nearby) but it is unique. Cruising along the Grand Canal is a must, whether on a vaporetti or gondola. Rialto Bridge, St Mark Square are the main attractions in Venice. Basilica St Marks, Correr Museum, Campanile, Accademy and Doge's Palace are the other tourists sites.

Tre Archi Hotel was not up to our mark, although the breakfast was the best among the three hotels we stayed. Our room for first day was small with big terrace. The terrace was wasteful as making the room very small. It was a bit expensive too. There should be better hotel with better price around.

It was to our surprised that food in Venice were very nice. The seafood is fresh and the Venetian dishes are something will attract me to go back like Squid Ink Pasta, Fish Soup. There is a main route from Piazzale Roma to St Mark's Square. It is also a good thing to wonder a bit off from the route. But there are a lot of canals in Venice, so, you will find yourself difficult to reach your destination by following your sense of direction.

Conclusion, it was a bit commercialized in Venice, but you will be able to find a place of your own in Venice.

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