Touch Down.... London Heathrow (13-14 December 2007)

12:08 AM

It was 13th of December, my wife and I were going for our Europe Trip. It is our trip together to Europe, sooo excited and terrified for both of us.

A 14 hours flight started from Singapore Changi at 11:00pm. The flight was absolutely very full. Before boarding the plane, we saw a lot of passengers sleeping while waiting for the flight. Guess they must be transiting in Singapore on their way to London for Christmas. On the flight, there were only 6 Asians including us.

We were taking Qantas airline. It was our first time taking Qantas, but we loved it!!!
The air stewards were busy preparing our supper immediately after our take off. As it was 1 am when supper was served, my wife already slept nicely on the comfortable Qantas seat. The seat was soft but firm and with an adjustable head support. So, she was able to sleep well without neck pain.

As for me, I was anxiously waiting for my supper. I was delighted when the food was served. The chicken tasted nice as compare to other airlines. I have nice bottle of Australian white wine to go with my supper. On top of that, I have a cup of coffee. Caffeine has no effect on my sleep. :)
It was very aromatic. I enjoyed that cup of coffee.

The service was quite different from some other airlines. We were all given a goodies bag of snacks including Oreo, sweets and Chocolate. I felt that it is kind of different from the nuts served usually.

After my meal, I went to sleep immediately, sounds like a pig, but hey, I need to have enough rest so that I will enjoy my London trip when we touched down.
Cant wait to be there!!!

5:22am London Time.. TOUCH DOWN... our flight landed in Heathrow Airport. It was the beginning for our 18 days of Europe trip. Our flight was in Terminal 4. We had a smooth journey from plane, through immigration and custom. We were asked quite a lot of questions as safety precaution. The officer was patient and detailed to ask both of our works to our families.

6:10am We cleared from immigration and custom. Delighted to see my brother was there waiting for us to fetch us to his house. We were so glad to see each other.

I have a feeling that our Europe trip will be a memorable one!!

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