Ciao Rome... (20 December 2007)

11:59 PM

20th December was the end of our Rome trip. We will leave Rome and going to Florence. Our train time was 12:30pm.
After our breakfast, we went to nearby supermarket for a shop. Before I forgot, there is a supermarket near to Hotel Stella. This supermarket was very very important to us for our stay in Rome. It was our source of water supply as we can't boil water in hotel.

We bought some fruits. We were required to weigh the fruit and print out the price tag ourselves instead of being served. It was quite difficult as we don't understand Italian and the instructions were in Italian.
The only way if it is not the smartest, peek at what others do. :)

We had McDonald opposite Termini which was less crowded. We usually don't like to eat McDonald, we found that McDonald was very tasty.
We took EuroStar Italia from Rome to Florence. One way per person was about EUR33. We bought online before we came to Rome, and printed the ticket in Termini self-service kiosk.

Based on the coach number on our ticket, we boarded the train. There were one big luggage area for each coach to deposit your big luggage. The train was clean. There are four seats, two seats on one side facing the other two seats, with a table in the middle. The train was comfortable although a bit stuffy at the end, but overall it is good.

Rome is a city with a lot of attractions. Places like Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum, St Peter's Basilica and more surely will amazed you. If you going to visit Rome, places like Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum, St Peter's Basilica, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and Pantheon are must. If you are history lovers, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, National Museum will surely pleased you.
It is very easy to travel in Rome Historial Centre. You can walk or take metro. It is very convenient. Bear in mind that if you to take metro during peak hour, it will be quite crowded.
When we were in Rome, there were a lot of police patrolling, so, it was very safe.
There are quite a lot of graffiti on the wall of Rome, and to some, Rome might appear to be a bit dirty, but I think that's the sincerity Rome has to offer.

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