Casual and Relax.. (19 December 2007)

11:22 PM

This is the third day of our stay in Rome. And I planned it to be a relaxing days, no serious or history lesson nor solemn of the like of Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica. It is Fountains day!!

First attraction we came across was the Piazza della Repubblica. Fountain of Naiads was the first fountain for the day. Opposite is the Santa Maria degli Angeli. We just took a few pictures and then move on.

After walking along via XX Settembre, we came to San Carlo Quattro Fontane. It is a fountain at a cross road. Each side of the road will have one fountain. The fountains were a bit old.
We continued our walk along the road and reached Piazza Barberini, which housed the famous Fontana del Tritone (Triton Fountain).

We walked along the via del Tritone towards our main attraction of the day, Trevi Fountain. Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in Rome. It is also the grandest fountain in Rome. The central figure is Neptune, flanked by two Tritons. One struggle to master the horse, while the other leads a far more docile animal.

The most important thing you can do in Trevi Fountain is to toss a coin over your right shoulder into the fountain. It is believed that you will come back to Rome again.

We reached Trevi Fountain quite early. Although the sky was clear, but the shadow of the surrounding buldings on the Trevi Fountain did make our photo somewhat incomplete. The fountain is huge, so, it is also very difficult to capture the whole fountain in the photo.

There are benches around Trevi fountain for you to rest and admire the beauty of the fountain. There are also a lot of shops nearby selling Gelati. It is said that there are very good gelati somewhere in the road behind Trevi Fountain.
Trevi Fountain is a MUST if you visit Rome.

Based on the map, we moved on to the next tourist sight. Palazzo Montecitoria and Palazzo Chigi overlooking Piazza Colonna. Temple Adriano was under renovation.

We continued walking and searching through the maze of the roads in Rome, we found one of my 'must' visit in my trip, Tazza D'Oro. It is a famous coffee house in Rome
Before we left for Rome, I have read a lot about this coffee house in the forum and tour site like TripAdvisor.
It is said to be the best coffee house in Rome and it is frequently visited by the older generation of Rome.

I was really really happy to bump into this shop. Although it is on my 'must visit' list, but from the forum, I read it is a bit difficult to find and usually close. It was very lucky of me to find it and it is OPEN! The shop is located along the road on the right of Pantheon. (if not mistaken it is at via Orfani). Well, you should able to smell the aroma of the coffee.
We quickly went inside and ordered our Expresso and Cappucino (pardon for the incomplete Cappucino and empty Expresso, as I have finished it before I able to take photo of it). The coffee is strong and thick.
We even bought a bag of coffee bean.

After caffeine boost as our morning tea break, we continued south towards Pantheon.
is a temple with Greek style architecture. Pantheon means the temple of all gods. Pantheon is famous for the rounded roof. The front of the building is supported by eight huge granite Corinthian columns.
Pantheon has been used as a Christian Church for some times. So, there church decoration inside.

We went for a Gelati break at Giolitti, which is also much mentioned place in the forum. We had our second Gelati in Italy although it was Winter. It was good.
The size was huge. (We enjoyed the best Gelati in Florence.. :))

It was 1.30pm. Way passed our lunch time. We need to find a place for our lunch before restaurant closed. So we hurried off to Piazza Navona.

Piazza Navona is a square with three fountains. Fontana del Nettuno, Fontana del Moro and Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi is Fountain of Four Rivers and is the more famous of the three. Each represent a famous river in the world. Unfortunately, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi was surrounded with scaffolding when we were there.
There was a market at Piazza Navona with lots of merchandise on sale. Restaurants are on both side of the square. Among the restaurant, there is another much talked about restaurant in the forum, Tre Scalini. It is also famous for its gelati. We didn't try, and all the restaurants there were quite empty. Piazza Navona is quite a good place to sit down relax. If you have the money, you can dine in at one of the restaurant while watching the crowds and enjoy the scenery.
If you prefer a more humble style, you can sit down near the fountain as we did.
We had our lunch with Panini + Coke bought from a stall in the market. Panini is Italian Sandwich.

By then we finished our lunch, it was about 2.30pm. We continued to Campo de'Fiori. Campo de' Fiori is a flower market, and it is a morning market. When we reached there, most stalls closed and rubbish has been cleared also. Luckily we managed to catch a glimpse of the colourful flower market. There are also shop houses around selling clothes and lady accessories. Campo de Fiori is also a happening place at night with lots of night life.

Campo de'Fiori was kind of our last attraction we wanted to cover in our Rome trip. We shopped around, and then made our way towards the river again.
We enjoyed the tranquility and beautiful of the river. We walked down the staircase and relaxed at the river side, enjoying the cool breeze and the yellowish trees with clear blue sky.

To end our Rome trip, we decided to go back to St Peter's Basilica. We walked pass Piazza Navona, walked along Tiber river, enjoying the sunset and darkness started to set in with lights started to light up. We walked pass Castel Saint Angelo again. We sat down at Piazza San Pietro, admiring night view of St Peter's Basilica.
I guessed this was the best to end our Rome trips. Next, we will go to Florence..

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