London - Last Day in Europe (31 December 2007)

3:17 PM

We came to the last day for our honeymoon, our trip to Europe. We planned to explore a bit more of London as most of our days in London were spoilt by raining.

After breakfast, we left house. We were going to London city centre. And of course we need to take Underground. I personally like the train and train station in London. Although the train can be dirty sometimes especially after saturday night, but it did give me a feeling of comfortable.

We took the Picadilly line to Gluocester Road. We were going to the Natural History Museum. The good thing about London is entrance to museum is free and all these museums are world class museum.

Natural History Museum, the building itself looks like a castle with the ancient look. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens.

When we first entered into the museum, there was a big dinosaur skeletons to welcome us. The museum was huge. They have vast collections of life sciences from dinosaurs, animals, insects, plants and also earth sciences like mineral and geology.

We simply couldn't cover all. So, we walked through prehistoric section of the museum. There were many dinosaur skeletons and ornates.

It was an educational walk. We came very close with the dinosaur skeletons and also get to see the dinosaur movements through the ornate.

We felt a bit hungry, so we left the museum to look for place for lunch. We were looking for English Breakfast again. We missed it after so many days in the continental.

We managed to find a pub near Kensington Garden. So, we ordered our english breakfast set, sausages, ham, bread and eggs with beer and coke.

After sumptous lunch, we crossed the road to Kensington Gardens. Royal Albert Hall is beside the garden. Kensington Gardens was once the private garden of Kensington Palace. It was lush and green in the garden. Inside Kensington Gardens is Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace is the royal residence. It was also the official residence of Princess Diana. The building is simple and homely. There was rose craved on the gate.

We went to the garden. The garden in London has slight different from Paris. The trees were tall. There was a big lake with ducks and swans swimming.

There were many swans, and they seems not afraid of people. The swans were freely moving around.

I was a bit reluctant to leave. As this was our very last destination of our trip.
Well, we still have to bid farewell.

We left and went back to Uxbridge. My brother gave us a good treat at one of his favourite restaurant, Nandos. We liked the peri peri sauce chicken with extra spicy and free flow of soft drinks.

Our flight from London to Singapore was at 10pm. Well, it was rather stupid of us to fly on New Year Eve. So, we spent our new year countdown inside the plane, with the pilot gave us a simple "Happy New Year" when we crossed 12 midnight London time.

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